Ipswich Pool and Spa Centre’s Range of Chlorinators and Pool Cleaners

When purchasing a chlorinator you have to be mindful of the specific needs of your pool – in addition to the size of your swimming pool, you also need to take into account the fact that if you’re living in Ipswich then the climate might be 5-6 degrees hotter as well. The team at Ipswich Pool and Spa Centre have been working in the swimming pool industry for over 35 years and have all of the product knowledge required to be able to assist you in selecting the right chlorinator for your pool.

In addition to chlorinators, we also provide a wide range of pool cleaners from brands including Zodiac, Onga and Maytronics.

If you are trying to decide whether to purchase a suction pool cleaner or a robotic pool cleaner then our staff can also assist you by showing you some of the differences between the products and talking you through some of the benefits of each option.

In general, robotic pool cleaners cost more up-front but will save you more money in power bills and running costs. They also do a very thorough clean, travelling all the way up the walls of your pool and scrubbing as they do. However, there are different models suitable for different pool surfaces (tiled, fibreglass, concrete etc.), so make sure you come and talk to the staff at Ipswich Pool and Spa Centre before you just through one in the pool.

For more information on our chlorinators and pool cleaners, give us a call on (07) 3281 0955 today, or drop into our store to have a chat.